Ham barbecue Recipe

All hams start off as roasts from the hind leg of the hog. What makes a ham a ham is the processing that is done to cure the meat. There are several ways to process a ham or a combination of processes is used.

Creating a ham from a roast is a long process that usually takes several months, so if you are curing your own ham you need to plan way ahead. Of course, you can always buy a nice ham all ready for your Ham Barbecue Recipe.

Ham Barbecue

You can’t just put a fresh ham in your smoker and cook it because if you do you will not have barbecue ham, instead you will have something that resembles smoked pork shoulder. You need a cured ham to have a real Ham Barbecued Recopied.

When grilling you can use a rotisserie so that the heat is applied to the entire surface of the meat at the same rate and you can coat the ham as you cook it. If you use a rotisserie you need to be careful to balance the ham properly. Also, remember that cured hams are fully cooked so you are not really cooking the ham you are heating it.

You want to use medium heat and get the ham to a uniform temperature of 150 F. This should take about 13 minutes per pound. Once at the right temperature you can coat the ham with your glaze.

In order to get the glaze to stick to the ham, you will need to baste the ham. Fruit juice makes a good baste; you can add spices if you like. Once basted add your glaze and then continue to heat until the ham is at a uniform temperature of at least 160 F.

Once the ham reaches the desired temperature you remove it from the grill, cut it and serve it as desired with or without sauce. Your Ham Barbecue Recipe will be a hit with the family and friends alike.

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