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Best Kitchen Gadgets: Must-have kitchen appliances

Cooking isn’t just about cooking food; it’s more of an art these days. Like you need the right colors, paintbrushes, and canvas to paint a beautiful picture, you need the correct set of appliances to make the perfect dish.

With the advancement of technology, cooking has become a lot easier than it was before. To make your cooking experience easier and enjoyable, you need to choose the right appliances.

Kitchen Appliances

The following is a list of kitchen appliances that are essential for a modern kitchen’s needs-

Electronic Handheld Whisk

It is important that the cake frosting, buttercream, eggs etc are beaten to perfection, otherwise, the entire hard work can go down the drain. Using a manual whisk can be very tiring and the results may not be as satisfying.

So you need an electronic handheld whisker for this purpose. Look for a one that is low on maintenance and has a sturdy design. It is better to have one that can be easily cleaned and stored.

Microwave Oven

Its main purpose is to heat food but the advanced versions have the capability of baking and grilling too. But I find it better to have a separate oven for those purposes. Choose a microwave depending upon the capacity and wattage. Look for features like the automatic turntable and easy user interface.

Coffee Maker

For all you coffee lovers out there, a coffee maker is an essential kitchen appliance. It will make your work easier (of course!) and will give you the perfect flavor of your favorite drink. Depending on your budget, you can choose a coffee maker to suit your needs. Since you’re going for home use, I’d recommend either A Bunn espresso machine or Keurig coffee makers. K55 is supposed to be one of the best ones out there.

Towards the higher end of the budget, you can opt for a one that grinds coffee beans. Otherwise, in a basic coffee maker look for features like ease of cleaning, manual water control, and steam wand.

Food Processor

This is one appliance that will reduce your work to half. It can shred, mince, mix, grate and perform a lot of cooking functions just with a click of a button. While buying you need to pay attention to the quality of the material that is used for making different parts of the food processor.

It should be easy to use and clean. See the space it requires to be stored and for operation and match it with the space available on your counter.

Rice cooker

As the name suggests, a rice cooker is used to steam rice but its use is not limited to this. It can be used to cook idlis, steam pasta and much more. These are extremely durable and can last for generations.

You can do most of your cooking work using these appliances. So do not delay; just go now and get your cooking needs fulfilled.

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